Larry Wilmore: No, that was not me sitting behind Michelle Obama at the State of the Union

Unless Carson it pulls off, "we're probably not going to see a black guy deliver the State of the Union for awhile"

Published January 14, 2016 11:51AM (EST)

Kim Davis clearly got a hand-me-down ugly sweater from Bill Cosby, said Larry Wilmore as he began Wednesday's "Nightly Show" State of the Union recap. But the most important thing to clarify was the Internet rumor that it was Wilmore that was sitting behind First Lady Michelle Obama during the speech. Just so you know, this guy, was not Larry:

larry wilmore state of the union

That was actually Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft. "Not all tallish, extremely handsome, brown guys with short hair and glasses.... holy crap, maybe that was me!" Wilmore joked. "Wait, does this mean I'm the CEO of Microsoft?"

Unless Ben Carson can pull off a miracle, "we're probably not going to see a black guy deliver the State of the Union for a while, guys."

After clips showing Obama listing achievements, Wilmore observed "he had to be the one to tell us what he accomplished, because Republicans spent most of the same period of time telling us how much of a failure he was. And they reminded us by not clapping for any of Obama's autobio-stuff." But it didn't matter, because that's when he decided to shoot for the moon.

"Cancer?! You've got 11 months left!?" Wilmore exclaimed. "It's been eight years and you couldn't get Guantanamo done. Now you're going to get cancer done in 11 months?!" And while he might be putting Biden in charge, it looked as if he didn't even know about it.

Think about it too, that basically screws Biden over for the next year. "Hey, Joe! We're all going out for drinks you comin'?" Wilmore began. "'No, I gotta fuckin cure cancer...'"

Check out the rest of Wilmore's recap below:

By Sarah Burris

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