Will the memeification and autotuning of news interviews with poor and working-class people of color ever end?

Michelle Dobyne's account of a fire in her apt. complex is the latest viral video-turned-meme to reek of racism

Published January 15, 2016 11:00AM (EST)

Tulsa woman Michelle Dobyne, whose apartment complex caught on fire earlier this week, was interviewed by her local news station — and her account of events immediately became a viral internet sensation.

And like the interviews with Sweet Brown, Charles Ramsey and Antoine Dodson that came before — the subsequent memes and autotunes reek of racism and demonstrate society's collective urge to gawk at the poor and working class.

"We ain't gonna be in no fire, not today!" Dobyne exclaimed theatrically in the video. And while it may seem like she was acting, she was in fact, simply telling a story. Watch our video account for more.

By Asha Parker

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