Seth Meyers schools Fox News on Donald Trump: "This whole thing isn't going to hurt him"

"All anyone is going to do for the next day is wait to see if Trump will show up," notes Meyers

Published January 28, 2016 12:07PM (EST)

Donald Trump says that he fully intends to skip the Fox News debate to do an alternative event on Thursday that is a fundraiser for veterans. This prompted Seth Meyers to say "a couple of things" about the ordeal on Wednesday night's "Late Night."

First, Trump loves to sandwich his complaints in brags about himself. For example, he criticized Megyn Kelly and then said that he's probably the best thing that ever happened to her. Also known as a #TrumpleBrag.

Second, Trump attacked Fox News for their slam on him by saying it was written by a child. He should know. You should see some of the actual statements he's released. And Seth has them all!

Third, "this whole thing isn't going to hurt him with his supporters," Meyers correctly stated. Let's be real here, Trump is Teflon and his supporters get that he is an outsider and doesn't take shit from anyone.

Finally, "this is a brilliant move," Meyers said. "All anyone is going to do for the next day is wait to see if Trump will show up. It's like Waiting for Godot except it's spelled like this":
seth meyers waiting for turmp

Check out the full video below:

Fox News Begs Donald Trump to Attend Iowa GOP Debate

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