Twitter berates Clinton campaign for preemptively declaring victory in Iowa caucus: "She's a liar!"

The race is tied 50/50 with more than 90 percent of the votes counted

By Sophia Tesfaye
Published February 2, 2016 10:27AM (UTC)
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Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley (AP Photo/) (AP/Nati Harnik)

While Republicans have essentially wrapped up their Iowa caucuses with Ted Cruz declaring a narrow victory over a crowded Republican presidential field, the Democratic race has only tightened up as the votes have come in and many on Twitter are questioning why Hillary Clinton's campaign is already counting a win as her small lead shrinks every hour.

With 94 percent of precincts reporting, Clinton and Sanders are virtually tied at 49.8 percent and 49.6 percent, respectively.

Although it was reported that both Clinton and Sanders' campaign intended to declare victory tonight, Twitter took Clinton to task particularly for getting ahead of the results:

There was, of course, some dissenting opinion because Twitter:

In the end, Clinton addressed her supporters first, never directly declaring a win while Sanders proudly proclaimed victory in a "virtual tie."

Sophia Tesfaye

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