Colbert sticks it to Trump: "These are your New York values -- Oh, you came in second? Go f*ck yourself!"

"Late Show" has a laugh at the Donald's Iowa loss

By Sophia Tesfaye
February 4, 2016 12:42AM (UTC)
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The results of the long anticipated Iowa caucuses were the stuff of Colbert gold. And on the "Late Show" last night, Colbert had a field day mocking the process, the winners and most of all, Donald Trump.

After joking that "the Democrats picked the winner last night the same way roommates decide who has to drive to Taco Bell,” Colbert used coverage of Trump's disappointing second place finish from New York City's two largest tabloids to rib the blustery billionaire over his loss in the Hawkeye state.


"Cruz-ified,” blasted the "New York Post."

“Dead clown walking," read the "New York Daily News" atop a sad Trump clown face.

"These are your New York values," Colbert said while holding up the papers with the widest grin. “Thanks for sticking up for us, Donald — oh, you came in second? Go f*ck yourself!"


Watch below:

Sophia Tesfaye

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