Chris Christie lights into Marco Rubio for daring to question his managerial experience

The NJ Governor scolded the junior senator, who's "never managed anything in his entire life"

Published February 7, 2016 1:55AM (EST)

Chris Christie   (Reuters/Jim Young)
Chris Christie (Reuters/Jim Young)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is known for being a bully, but his treatment of Florida Senator Marco Rubio in this evening's GOP primary debate in New Hampshire is something else entirely.

Rubio attacked Christie for failing to appear back in New Jersey after flooding associated with the recent winter storms that struck his state, to which Christie responded that Rubio is merely repeating canned talking points -- and that someone with his attendance record in the Senate should be careful about casting stones.

"I'm proud of my service," Rubio replied, waiting for applause that never came. He then praised President Barack Obama for at least getting things done on behalf of the Democratic agenda, a point which none of the other candidates took kindly to.

Christie scolded Rubio for repeating "a memorized 30-second speech," and said that Rubio shouldn't criticize the way he handled a storm response, given that the junior senator has "never managed anything before in his life."

"It gets very ugly when [Rubio] gets off his talking points," Christie added.

Watch the entire debate below via >ABC News.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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