Sarah Palin bemoans fact that "humble" Trump "dreads getting caught showing his virtues of generosity and compassion" in public

It's not that he doesn't possess these essential human characteristics, it's that he doesn't want others to know

By Scott Eric Kaufman
February 8, 2016 9:31PM (UTC)
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Sarah Palin (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

Fresh off congratulating the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers for winning and losing the Super Bowl with the cryptic message "ususus," former half-term governor and failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin took to Twitter to "Stump4Trump," as she's wont to call it, by insisting that he possesses many virtues he manifestly does not.

Of the candidate who boasted before Iowa that "my whole life, I've been greedy, greedy with money," Palin wrote that "I'm glad you've gotten to know more of the real Donald Trump" and "I'm excited for all of America to get know his true nature."


What is this "true nature" of which she spoke? Apparently, if one peers past "the media filters and learns more about the man," it becomes apparent that not only is he "tough and passionate...about winning for America," but he's also "an extremely gracious man," as "evidenced in humble ways -- almost like he dreads getting caught showing his virtues of generosity and compassion."

Palin is certainly correct that if he is in fact generous and compassionate, he has done a damn fine job in avoiding "getting caught showing" those virtues, and she's also right to be to "anxious" that anyone other than her will ever witness such virtues appearing in his words or actions.

Of course, because she is who she is, she ends her brief "Stump4Trump" by criticizing the media for providing context to statements made by Trump and against him.


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