Everyone pity Donald Trump Jr. now: "In this country, I'm the son of a billionaire — I can't even have an opinion anymore"

Can you not feel his pain through the $5,000 suit on his private jet as he takes off to his yacht?

Published February 9, 2016 1:00PM (EST)

Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr.   (AP/Cheryl Senter)
Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. (AP/Cheryl Senter)

Donald Trump, Jr. lamented to Buzzfeed that as the child of a billionaire, everything he says is automatically discredited.

Despite the fact that he said to this Buzzfeed, and is being quoted as having said this in Salon, Trump Jr. is convinced that being the scion of great wealth is a sure-fire way to having's opinions automatically discredited.

"Now, listen, in this country, I'm the son of a billionaire," he said. "I can't even have an opinion anymore. I could be Albert Einstein and they would discredit me as a horrible scientist. It doesn’t matter."

He didn't specify who "they" were, but he did expound at length what it was like to grow up with Donald Trump as a father. "He made us understand the value of a dollar. He made us work and it wasn’t like you start off and you’re, all of a sudden you’re the CEO of the organization."

"You know," he continued, not the least bit aware of how his personal pity-party would play in the world at large, "we weren’t trust fund babies. We were very fortunate. We experienced great things, but we were spoiled the right way."

"We were spoiled with great education, great experiences, we weren’t spoiled with cash," he continued. "Like I said, I’m the only son of a billionaire who can drive a D10 just because those were the jobs that I had growing up."

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