“Bomb the sh*t out of ‘em": Inside the madness of a Donald Trump rally

With apologies to the greatest show on earth, "The Daily Show" dares venture inside the circus

By Brendan Gauthier

Published February 12, 2016 6:09PM (EST)

After Roy Wood Jr., skipped out on a Donald Trump rally on Wednesday night’s “Daily Show,” I felt as if I had an itch left unscratched. So you can imagine how excited I was when another correspondent, Jordan Klepper, made the “the circus that is Donald Trump” the centerpiece of his profile on last night’s “Daily Show.” (And by some divine stroke of luck, Klepper ended up at the now-infamous rally at which Trump almost-kinda-sorta called Ted Cruz a “pussy.”)

To build a contextual foundation, Klepper spoke to a Adam Realman (not to be confused with John Q. Sample), a Coney Island sideshow performer about the proper elements of a compelling circus act.

“When a lion tamer sticks his head in a lion’s mouth,” Realman explained, “you want to see the lion just chomp his head off.”

Regarding the comparison of Trump’s circus-like 2016 run to the actual circus itself, Realman said, “By calling him the greatest show on Earth, you’re kind of insulting a lot of the circus world.”

Outside a rally in Manchester, N.H., Klepper spoke to Trump supporters, one of whom suggested China would pay for a wall at our southern border with Mexico. Another “Trumpeter,” sporting an elegant camo “Make America Great Again” hat, called Trump the greatest weapon in the “defea-tion of ISIS.”

“Bomb the shit out of ‘em,” suggested yet another supporter, regarding ISIS. Asked where, the gentleman expounded, “Probably Israel-area.”

Allow Klepper to show you the splendor of the circus below:

Trump's Plan for Kim Jong-Un

Brendan Gauthier

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