Stephen Colbert just trolled Donald Trump perfectly, while interviewing him

The king of trolls gets a lesson from the master when he calls into an orange phone, complete with toupee

Published February 17, 2016 12:44PM (EST)

On last night's "Late Show," host Stephen Colbert effectively trolled the king of the trolls: Donald Trump.

"He's running for president on the platform of opening his mouth and saying things," Colbert said, before going on to call The Donald's mouth "the Trump hole" in what has to be one of the most biting introductions to a celebrity cameo in network television history.

Colbert then brought out "The Trump Phone"--an orange landline, complete with obligatory toupee--to take a call from Trump, who's campaigning in South Carolina.

In order to prove he wasn't an imposter, Trump gave a half-hearted rendition of his (almost) trademark "You're fired!" catchphrase.

"I'm not sure you're the only one who would say that to me, but thank you very much," Colbert told Trump, who replied, "You're doing so well, that could never happen."

"Don't make me love you, old man," Colbert said, apparently nodding to the previous night's episode, wherein Colbert recounted meeting the late Justice Antonin Scalia and, despite their vast political differences, finding him personable.

"Why don't you get a swear jar," Colbert later suggested as a means to curb Trump's penchant for politically incorrect jargon that might not play as well in conservative Southern states. "Every time you say a bad word, you put a billion dollars in it."

"Now, together, let's make this show great again," Colbert said, after hanging up and positioning the toupee back atop the Trump Phone.

Watch the segment, in all its Colbert Report-esque cheekiness, below:

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By Brendan Gauthier

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