Trump insists tweet that Obama would've attended Scalia's funeral "if it were held in a Mosque" was just a joke

"It was a joke," he said, "I did that in fun"

By Scott Eric Kaufman
February 22, 2016 7:37PM (UTC)
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Donald Trump (Reuters/Rick Wilking)

On Twitter Saturday, GOP front-runner Donald Trump published the following on Twitter:

Now, clearly that's pandering to his millions of followers whose opinion of Islam is, to be charitable, decidedly low. However, he went on "Morning Joe" -- a show absolutely none of his followers watch -- Monday morning to insist that it was just a joke.


"It was a joke," he said. When Scarborough said he thought "it was ironic that after you said, 'nobody should test another man's faith,' that you put up a tweet saying that Barack Obama would've attended Scalia's funeral if it were held at a mosque -- thereby, questioning Barack Obama's faith."

"I did that in fun," Trump replied, "asking, as a question mark, that Obama should have been at Scalia's funeral. He was one of the great men of the last 30 years, and I thought it was inappropriate of him -- I don't know where he was, probably playing golf."

"Yeah, it was Saturday," he added, "he was playing golf," hammering home a point that would probably be more effective if he were actually running against Barack Obama.


Watch the entire interview below via MSNBC.

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