Wow, Trevor Noah just called out Ben Carson: "What makes you the arbiter of black?"

"Daily Show" host holds nothing back in tearing apart Carson claim that Obama never lived the "black experience"

Published February 25, 2016 12:01PM (EST)

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah has had a turbulent rookie season, but he seems to have found his niche as late-night TV's preeminent Ben Carson satirist. Last night Noah dusted off his Carson impression to examine the candidate's claim that President Obama never lived the "black experience" because he hadn't grown up poor.

"Being poor isn't what makes you black," Noah continued. "Because, if it is, then there's a lot of people living in trailers in the middle of America who'll be very upset to hear the news."

"What makes you the arbiter of black? And, more importantly, what was your black experience like?" Noah asked Carson, before running a clip of him recounting being hit by a pebble as a kid.

"There's no pebbles in the hood," Noah rebutted. "Did you skip them on the creek that ran through Malcolm X Boulevard?"

Noah further questioned Carson's claim that he tried to hit his own mother with a hammer:

"You chased a black woman -- your mama -- with a hammer and you're still alive to tell the story?" Noah said. "I grew up with a black mom, there's no way you would survive to tell that story."

Watch Noah in his wheelhouse below:

Trevor Noah Jokes About Ben Carson's Remark That Obama Was 'Raised White'

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