"The state of our union is f**king awesome": Bill Maher mocks "Andrew Dice Trump" delivering the SOTU address

After Trump blasted Vincente Fox for foul language, the "Real Time" host imagines him working blue

Published February 27, 2016 12:55PM (EST)

"Real Time" host Bill Maher ended his popular "New Rules" segment with a scarily feasible representation of what a Trump SOTU address might look like.

"Donald Trump must admit that, of all his reversals, hypocrisies, and 180s, his condemnation this week of Vicente Fox for using foul language is the most ridiculous of all," Maher prefaced. "Talk about the pot calling the kettle orange"

Maher then rolled a series of clips of Trump using the same foul language, adding, "Something certainly has changed in political discourse."

"Sure, Dick Cheney once told a senator to go fuck himself. And Joe Biden called Obamacare a big fuckin' deal, but those comments were off-mic, not intended for public consumption," Maher continued. "But when Andrew Dice Trump speaks, he doesn't even try to clean it up."

"The state of our union is fucking awesome," Maher began, playing the role of foul-mouthed commander-in-chief. "Now thanks to the programs we put in place, inflation has been kicked in the taint, we are job-creating like a motherfucker, and our deficit is shrinking like a cock on a cold morning."

Watch the full dystopian scenario below:

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