Trump security violently assaults credentialed press photographer during Virginia rally

He has been talking about abridging First Amendment rights since last Friday, after all

Published February 29, 2016 7:05PM (EST)

(Credit: Joe Perticone/Twitter)
(Credit: Joe Perticone/Twitter)

Donald Trump's rally at Radford University was interrupted on multiple occasions by protesters -- many of whom were egged on by the candidate himself, who asked questions before shooing them away with an "out, out, out now" as security escorted them from the premises.

But it is a short clip of what appears to be a member of Trump's security team -- whether the man belongs to his private security or his Secret Service detail is still unknown, although MSNBC is reporting that it was a member of the Secret Service -- attacking someone who appears to be a member of the press.

Given how Trump has increased the intensity of his criticism of the press since Friday -- arguing that it would in no way abridge free speech if libel laws were expanded to allow a person to sue anyone he or she believed had lied about them -- it's not surprising to see members of the journalistic community increasingly antagonized at Trump events.

Here is footage of the attack:

As well as speculation as to the identity of the photographer in question:

Video of the entire rally can be viewed below via Right Side Broadcasting.

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