Seth Meyers nails "the most terrifying" new Donald Trump development

The scariest thing for Meyers? Watching Trump prepare for a general election. Also, watching Chris Christie's face

Published March 3, 2016 12:17PM (EST)

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers has carved his own political niche with his "Closer Look" segment, which is invariably on point. Last night's "Closer Look" at Donald Trump's Super Tuesday was no exception.

While Trump was Super Tuesday's obvious GOP winner, it can be argued that opponent Ted Cruz's win in Texas -- and, to a lesser extent, Oklahoma and Alaska -- revived the Cruz campaign, and made him the least worst choice to stop a Trump nomination.

So it seems it's Trump v. Cruz from here on out -- a decision Senator Lindsey Graham likened to "death by being shot or poisoning."

"Of course, Lindsey Graham's weapon of choice is Southern-fried sass," Meyers quipped. "But as it turns out, there's an even worse way to die: standing behind Donald Trump at a press conference -- or so you would think from looking at Chris Christie's face last night."

"Perhaps the most terrifying development was watching Trump begin to soften his rhetoric and prepare to be the Republican nominee in the general election," Meyers continued. At his Super Tuesday Palm Beach press conference, Trump boasted that he's "becoming diplomatic" by watching CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. "You're not supposed to say that out loud," Meyers added. "That's like saying, 'I'm paying for dinner in hopes you will have sex with later.'"

Watch the full segment below:

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