"Trump's teensy little doll hands": Stephen Colbert ushers Ben Carson out with a shot at Donald Trump

Colbert also pokes fun at Carson's life story: "Sadly, voters just don't trust someone who is bad at murder"

By Brendan Gauthier
Published March 9, 2016 5:25PM (UTC)
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In another edition of his popular "Hungry for Power Games" segment, "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert paid tribute to the most recently fallen: Ben Carson.

"So few remain," Colbert said of the remaining primary field. "You can barely count them on one of Trump's teensy little doll hands."

"Retired neurosurgeon and Ambien-American Ben Carson announced that he was leaving the race," he continued. "He failed to win a single state on Super Tuesday -- or on Average Wednesday."

Despite a compelling origin story -- in which a young Carson was saved from a life on the streets by a fortuitous belt buckle -- Colbert said, "Sadly, voters just don't trust someone who is bad at murder."

Watch the full segment below:

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