Fox News contributor repeatedly suggests Donald Trump has ordered a hit — on himself

"We need someone to tell the truth," Wayne Allyn Root said, even if he must hire an assassin to kill him to do so

Published March 14, 2016 2:23PM (EDT)

Donald Trump   (AP/Robert F. Bukaty)
Donald Trump (AP/Robert F. Bukaty)

On Fox & Friends Monday morning, Fox News contributor Wayne Allyn Root told co-host Steve Doocy that he predicted the rise of Donald Trump as a "man of the people" well before anyone -- after he watched a film he clearly didn't understand.

"I was jogging on my treadmill," Root said, "and the movie 'Bulworth' came on, and I kept thinking about this 1998 movie, 'That reminds me of Donald Trump.'"

"He'd be the perfect candidate," he added, "because he'd be telling the truth, no matter how offensive, and he'd start to win." In the film, Warren Beatty's titular candidate is a failed businessman who "wins the United States Senate, and is leading for president, and thinking to myself, 'That could be Donald Trump.'"

What Root neglects to mention is why "Bulworth" is able to tell the unvarnished truth, as well as why he is only "leading" in the presidential election when the film ends -- namely, because he has hired an assassin to kill him, is unable to call off the hit, and the film ends with him being shot and an ambiguous scene in which a homeless man implores him not to be a "ghost," but to be a "spirit."

"We need someone to tell us the truth," Root concluded, "and Trump is 'Bulworth.'"

Watch the entire segment from Monday's Fox & Friends below via Fox News.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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