"That way he could go f*ck himself": Trevor Noah unloads on Donald Trump's dangers in his best bit yet

"I feel like we got a glimpse of what America might be like under a Trump presidency. And it was scary"

Published March 15, 2016 12:05PM (EDT)

It seems this weekend was pivotal for rookie "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah, who, in response to heightening tensions between protesters and supporters at Trump rallies, finally snapped out of his pseudo-critical funk and started really aiming for the GOP front-runner's jugular.

"This weekend, I feel like we got a glimpse of what America might be like under a Trump presidency," Noah said, referring to last Friday's cancelled Trump rally in Chicago that broke out in violence between his supporters and protesters. "And it was scary."

"You know it's bad when people in Chicago are like, 'Man, what a violent weekend,'" he added, noting that while "Chicago may have been the epicenter," the violence thence followed Trump along the trail. In Cleveland, for instance, a white man tells a black female protester to "go back to Africa."

"If that was a TV critic saying that to me, I understand," Noah said. "But you can't just say 'go back to Africa' to every black person you see in America."

Noah warned protesters -- many of them vocal Bernie Sanders supporters -- that their interrupting Trump's rallies plays into the hands of Trump's self-victimization, bolstering his narrative of P.C. leftists coming to shut down free speech and make America suck.

"Donald Trump didn't just create an atmosphere for violence at his rallies," Noah said. "He basically engineered it as carefully and deliberately as Matt Damon did when he was growing potatoes on Mars."

Trump "doesn't want to be president," he continued. "He wants to be Tyler Durden from 'Fight Club' ... Donald Trump is basically running political fight club."

On Ben Carson's claim that there are "two Donald Trumps" -- one of which is brash and reactionary, according to Carson, and the other of which is cerebral -- Noah said he sincerely hopes there are two Trumps, "because that way he could go fuck himself."

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