3 reasons why Bernie Sanders won't give up

It would be "outrageously undemocratic" not to run, he said

Published March 18, 2016 5:54PM (EDT)

 (Michael Cali/Missourian via AP)
(Michael Cali/Missourian via AP)

Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders among pledged delegates needed to secure the nomination, 1,139 to 825, which means he needs to win about 58 percent of the delegates during the remainder of the race, according to The Associated Press. That might seem like a tall order but the presidential hopeful is confident that he will do well in the west.

"We're moving west where we think the terrain favors us," he said.

And even though President Obama reportedly told donors in private to back Clinton, Sanders called it "outrageously undemocratic" not to run until everyone has a vote. He also gave two more reasons to continue his bid for top office.

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By Katie Levingston

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