Watch: Frustrated Bernie Sanders walks out on hostile TV news interview

Evidently fed up with targeted questions about his voting record, Bernie walked off set after four minutes

Published March 18, 2016 8:26PM (EDT)

I believe Donald Trump put it best in justifying skipping out on the subsequently cancelled Fox News debate originally scheduled for March 21: "How many times can the same people ask the same question?"

It looks like Trump isn't alone in being utterly fed up with the seemingly endless campaign trail.

Bernie Sanders abruptly ended an admittedly hostile interview with NBC affiliate KNPX, at the Twin Arrows Casino in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Primary voting in the state will take place this coming Tuesday. If polls are any indication (remember Michigan?), Sanders' future in the state looks bleak.

"We discussed his wife's recent visit to Tent City, his votes on gun legislation, border issues, and why he's optimistic about his chances in Arizona," the station said in a write-up of the truncated four-minute interview, glossing over the inherent bias in its reporter's hypercriticism of Sanders's congressional voting record.

"You know what, my views on immigration are very strong," Sanders said, interrupted a question about his yes-vote on the so-called Minuteman Project. "It's very easy for Secretary Clinton to be going through the thousands of votes that I cast, but the truth of the matter is, of course to suggest that I'm sympathetic to minutemen or vigilantes is totally outrageous."

In the station's words, "Then the senator abruptly ended the interview, saying our time was up."

The interview was conducted on Friday and set to air on Sunday.

The video tells the whole story:

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