"Be careful or I will spill the beans on your wife": Trump's Twitter fingers threaten Ted Cruz's family

After initially tweeting and then deleting it, Trump doubled down on his attack on "lyin' Ted Cruz"

By Sophia Tesfaye

Senior Politics Editor

Published March 23, 2016 2:44AM (EDT)

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump   (AP/Gerry Broome/Reuters/Chris Keane/Photo montage by Salon)
Ted Cruz, Donald Trump (AP/Gerry Broome/Reuters/Chris Keane/Photo montage by Salon)

Donald Trump is lashing out on Twitter, again, and this time he's set his target on Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi. Not exactly a new low.

"Be careful, Lyin' Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!" Trump tweeted twice Tuesday night, as the Republican frontrunner waited for elections result from Arizona and Utah. Trump was apparently upset by an image of his wife, Melania, in an anti-Trump attack. The suggestive picture of Trump's former model wife, from a shoot for British GQ in 2000, was used by an anti-Trump group hoping to gin up Mormon voters with appeals to their morality in an effort to ramp up the anti-Trump vote:


"Lyin' Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from a G.Q. shoot in his ad," Trump tweeted late Monday, incorrectly accusing his Republican presidential opponent of being the source of the attack:

But as Buzzfeed reported, the Make America Awesome Political Action Committee, run by GOP operative Liz Mair, is behind the ad, not Cruz.

Cruz said as much, responding to Trump's threat. "Donald, if you try to attack Heidi, you're more of a coward than I thought," Cruz tweeted:

Mair, the actual source of the ad, responded to Trump's misplaced aggression with a bit of humor:

By Sophia Tesfaye

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