"He just c*ck-blocked the photo-op": Trevor Noah roars as Obama pre-empts Fox News and right-wing idiocy

Obama deflects a triumphant hand-raise with Raul Castro, masterfully defeating the right-wing trolls

Published March 23, 2016 11:58AM (EDT)

A lot of people already predisposed to criticizing every move President Obama makes have most recently latched onto a weird moment following his joint press conference in Cuba with Raul Castro.

After a real transparent job dodging questions about Cuba's detainment of political prisoners, Castro grabbed Obama's wrist and held it up in an attempted show of solidarity. And, had Obama complied, right-wing critics would have more material to meme. Instead, Obama promptly let his wrist go limp.

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah described it best during last night's show.

"Before this trip, people were worried that Raul Castro would use Obama's visit for propaganda," Noah said. "But Obama, you've gotta give him props, he just cock-blocked the photo-op."

Noah noted Cuban-Americans' unease with Obama's visit. Among them, GOP candidate Ted Cruz has made himself the spokesperson, arguing that while Obama is "drinking mojitos at the embassy, the political prisoners who are languishing are left behind by this president."

"It almost feels like Ted Cruz isn't complaining about opening up Cuba," Noah said, "as much as he's complaining about a party he wasn't invited to." And, with that, Noah launched into a pretty spot-on Cruz impression, eh?

Watch the full segment below:

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