Internet scrambles to identify women described in National Enquirer's "bombshell" report alleging Ted Cruz had five affairs

3 of the women are believed to be public figures; the others, "a sexy Austin schoolteacher" and pricey call girl

By Brendan Gauthier

Published March 25, 2016 5:45PM (EDT)

Ted Cruz (Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich)
Ted Cruz (Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich)

In its latest issue Friday, The National Enquirer is alleging Ted Cruz has had at least five extramarital affairs. The rumors started as just that — rumors. But as more of the puzzle is pieced together, the rumors are gaining traction. (Remember, the Enquirer broke John Edwards' campaign-ending affair in 2007.)

Probably less reputable than the Enquirer, Alex Jones earlier this month warned of a "looming" Cruz sex scandal during an interview with consultant and former Donald Trump staffer, Roger Stone:

Stone is quoted in the Enquirer piece as saying, "These stories have been swirling around Cruz for some time. I believe where there is smoke there is fire."

Washington Times reporter Drew Johnson offered additional confirmation (albeit vague) that at least a few of these rumored affairs actually took place:

Along with its story, the Enquirer published blurred and black-barred head shots of the five women, whom it referred to as the "first woman," "second woman," etc.

The Internet is doing its part to identify these women. But, as with anything on the Internet, these allegations are best approached with the utmost speculation.

One of the women is "according to the rumors, a foxy political consultant who once worked for the 45-year-old candidate, and is now associated with another political campaign."

All clues lead to Katrina Pierson, Trump's current campaign spokeswoman, who consulted for Cruz on his 2012 senatorial campaign. The "political snitch" who tipped off the Enquirer claims, "'Randy Ted' supposedly had a romp with her in a closet at a Republican state convention." 

Pierson has, however, repeatedly denied the Enquirer's allegations, most recently tweeting:

The Enquirer's source describes the "second woman" as "a pretty 30-ish Washington, D.C., lawyer who works in politics."

The third woman is described as "'a hot babe who once worked' on one of (Cruz's) campaigns."

The fourth and fifth women remain are not public figures; the fourth is "a sexy Austin schoolteacher" and the fifth is a "$1,000-a-night" D.C. call girl.

As of this writing, neither Trump nor Cruz's camp has addressed to the rumors.

Brendan Gauthier

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