Fox News' Charles Krauthammer unloads on Donald Trump: "He's obviously a good candidate, but he's going to be terrible for the country"

"If he hadn't become a presidential candidate," he said, "I wouldn't think about him otherwise"

Published March 28, 2016 12:46PM (EDT)

Charles Krauthammer            (CBS News)
Charles Krauthammer (CBS News)

Donald Trump has not hidden his disdain for conservative icon and Sunday morning staple Charles Krauthammer, calling everything from "the worst" to "a dummy," but on Sunday Krauthammer struck back, accusing Trump of not being "fluent on the issues," "out of his depth," and just "terrible."

Krauthammer was responding, in part, to host Howie Kurtz's defense of Ted Cruz, in which he called out Trump for including a "passive-aggressive postscript" in his non-denial denial of having leaked information to the National Enquirer.

"I still remain adamantly amazed by the [Trump] phenomenon," Krauthammer said, "but I'm not surprised."

Kurtz replied that the last time he spoke to Trump, the GOP front-runner said that "some of the Fox commentators have a person hatred for him," to which Krauthammer said that "he feels that about just about everybody," except the celebrities and athletes whom he considers "a good friend."

"Everything is in relation to how they feel about him," Krauthammer continued. "So I'm sure he feels -- I have have no animus against him as a person. If he hadn't become a presidential candidate, I wouldn't think about him otherwise."

"He's out of his depth," he added, "and while he's obviously a good candidate, if he wins -- and I don't think he will -- he's going to be bad for the country. That's the only criteria by which I judge him."

Watch the entire interview below via Fox News.

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