Trevor Noah to Donald Trump: "You're like a guy masturbating on the subway"

"Daily Show" equates Trump to a subway perv telling people, "Get over it — you all do this at home"

Published April 6, 2016 11:45AM (EDT)

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah last night attempted the tall order of archiving Donald Trump's long history of misogynistic remarks. The segment was predicated on anti-Trump Our Principles PAC's ad, "Real Quotes from Donald Trump About Women":

"Trump's misogyny easily predates the election," Noah explained. "In fact, it's pretty much his only consistent belief."

Asked if his comments about women have come back to haunt him, Trump told CNN's Wolf Blitzer they hadn't, because politicians "say worse when they're (behind) closed doors."

"That's what closed doors are for, Donald Trump. So you don't say these things in public," Noah responded. "You're like a guy masturbating on the subway, looking at everyone else, going, 'Get over it — you all do this at home.'"

Watch the full segment, complete with positively repulsive (though unsurprising) found footage of a 1994 episode of "Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous" in which Trump ponders his then-1-year-old daughter Tiffany's breasts, below:

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