"You're going to lose this election": Bill Maher draws out 3 plays for the Republicans -- and none lead to the Oval Office

Between "a man with all the appeal of Jared from Subway" and "the zombie candidate," Maher told GOPers, "Just punt"

By Brendan Gauthier
Published April 9, 2016 3:44PM (UTC)
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"There's no shame in punting," Bill Maher told Republicans during Friday night's "Real Time."

"You're going to lose this election," he continued. "You're gonna lose with either Trump or Cruz, so just punt."

Maher then turned his attention to his likely more left-leaning audience, telling them not to "pretend the Republicans aren't already flirted with this idea."


He cited the National Review's exclusively anti-Trump January issue titled, "Against Trump."

"The National Review coming out against the Republican frontrunner," Maher said. "That's like High Times coming out against me."

"We all know you're not happy with your choices right now," he continued. "But it's getting near closing time and you're gonna have to go home with one of them — either Ted Cruz, a man with all the appeal of Jared from Subway, minus the inspiring weight-loss story; or Donald Trump, the zombie candidate."


Maher explained that a third option  to punt and "give the ball to your defense"  might be in the Republicans' best interest because, "You've got a great defense. And by that I mean you're great at being obstructionist assholes when you're out of office."

Watch the full segment below:

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