Watch Al Sharpton skewer Trump in SNL cameo: The billionaire "has a negative approval rating of -1,048" on the Black Approval Rating Scale

Al Sharpton went one-on-one with Kenan Thompson as ... Al Sharpton

Published April 10, 2016 12:55PM (EDT)

"Saturday Night Live" went full-meta this week, with cast member Kenan Thompson playing Al Sharpton and, bear with me, the real Al Sharpton playing fake statistical analyst Charles Richards.

"Please don't take this the wrong way, but I expected you to be a little skinnier," Sharpton-as-Richards told Thompson-as-Sharpton. "I know you worked really hard to lose all that weight. It's a shame to see that you seemed to have gained it back."

"Frankly, Charles, I like myself this way," Thompson-as-Sharpton replied. "People say I look younger."

Charles Richards developed an "Al-Gore-rhythm," called the Black Approval Rating Scale, to assess candidates' resonance, from zero to ten,  in the black community.

On the high-end, Hillary Clinton scores a 7.2, Sharpton-as-Richards said, because her husband, "despite recent outbursts, is beloved in the African-American community."

"Oh, absolutely," Thompson-as-Sharpton agreed. "Bill Clinton could walk into the BET Awards afterparty, sit at Rihanna's table, and order up a bowl of mac 'n' cheese and everybody would say, 'That seems right.'"

On the opposite end, Donald Trump "has a negative approval rating of -1,048, but that could go down."

Thompson-as-Sharpton agreed, saying, "Black people should never trust a white person whose hair is more processed than theirs."

Watch the full sketch below:

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