"He should have been an adult and not a madman": Larry Wilmore panel sets Bill Clinton straight

"Is Bill Clinton wrong?" Larry Wilmore asked his panel. "Or did he just handle it poorly?"

Brendan Gauthier
April 12, 2016 5:55PM (UTC)

"Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore Monday night welcomed Waka Flocka Flame to his panel to discuss the "backlash" over Bill Clinton's problematic Crime Bill, stemming from a run-in last week with Black Lives Matter protesters at a rally in Philadelphia.

"Is Bill Clinton wrong?" Wilmore asked his panel. "Or did he just handle it poorly?"


Contributor Robin Thede cast her vote for the former, saying, "He's wrong because Black Lives Matter isn't about defending drug dealers; it's about not getting shot by the police."

"I think Bill's choice was more complex than what he thought it was going to be," Flame explained. "It was more long-term. It affected people."

"I think (the Crime Bill) probably made sense for the time," he added, with air-quotes.


Waka clarified that he doesn't think the law is still effective. In fact, "It hurts." But he was the most lenient on former-President Clinton, effectively saying times and priorities change concurrently.

However, when Bill was interrupted by the protestors, Flame said, "He should have been an adult and not a madman."

Watch the full panel below:


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