Trump proxy Roger Stone to publish book alleging the Clintons murdered John F. Kennedy Jr. to jump-start Hillary's rise to the White House

"JFK Jr was planning on running for NY Senate seat @HillaryClinton wanted. Poor bastard," he tweeted

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published April 13, 2016 5:36PM (UTC)
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Roger Stone (YouTube/Larry King)

Donald Trump supporter Roger Stone -- who also happens to be a close friend and former business partner of Trump's newly elevated campaign adviser, Paul Manafort -- is preparing to publish a book alleging that the Clintons murdered John F. Kennedy, Jr. after learning that he was considering a run at the same New York senate seat Hillary sought.

Stone's fascination with who really murdered a Kennedy is of long standing, as he previously wrote "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ." His hatred of the Clintons is of similar standing, as evidenced by his 2015 magnum opus "The Clintons' War on Women." But it was not until recently that he revealed he was combining these passions into a singularity of aggrieved conspiracy.


"I have a book coming up," he told fellow conspiracy theorist James Fetzer, "in which I make the case that John F. Kennedy Jr. was murdered -- and he was murdered by the Clintons, because he was in the way. Now, I have extraordinary new evidence that nobody else has seen." Which, of course, he didn't produce.

As Media Matters' Eric Hananoki noted, the National Transportation Safety Board found that the cause of the plane crash that took JFK Jr.'s life was the "pilot's failure to maintain control of the airplane during a descent over water at night, which was a result of spatial disorientation. Factors in the accident were haze and the dark night." But of course the NTSB would say that.

Stone has teased his new book on Twitter, writing:


Because if you're going to take down a woman who could be the next president of the United States, the best way to do so is by starting rumors on Twitter.

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