Donald Trump: If they steal the nomination from me, "I hope it doesn't involve violence"

Finally, we can agree with Trump on something

Published April 18, 2016 1:37PM (EDT)

Donald Trump (AP)
Donald Trump (AP)

On Sunday, Republican front-runner Donald Trump said that he believes he will not only win New York on Tuesday, but that his victory will secure him the GOP nomination. If it doesn't, however, he said he hoped the convention "wouldn't involve violence, and I'm not suggesting [that it should]."

The fact that that caveat was even required says most of what is necessary to know about the Republican primary at this point. He claimed -- <a href="" target="_blank">contra recent statements by his new delegate adviser</a>, Paul Manafort -- that he would not participate in the sort of delegate "buying" that Texas Senator Ted Cruz used to win the Colorado primary.

"Look, nobody has better toys than I do," he said. "I can put them in the best planes, and bring them to the best resorts, anywhere in the world -- but that's a corrupt system. You're basically buying these people."

He reiterated this message on Twitter, writing that "Lyin' Ted Cruz can't get votes (I am millions ahead of him) so he has to get his delegates from the Republican bosses, It won't work!"

  He also noted why Ohio Governor John Kasich appears to be doing well in the polls against Hillary:

Because, of course, the only reason someone would oppose Donald Trump is because of negative advertisements run against him.

Watch his entire speech below via USA Today.

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