Roger Stone still doesn't get it: Trump ally who ranted against Megyn Kelly, called Sharpton a "professional negro" doesn't think he's racist or sexist

Pro-Trump Super PAC Chairman Roger Stone said some his tweets were "perhaps intemperate"

Published April 19, 2016 7:55PM (EDT)

Roger Stone         (YouTube/Larry King)
Roger Stone (YouTube/Larry King)

Roger Stone, head of pro-Trump Super PAC called the Committee to Restore America's Greatness, told Media Matters reporter Joe Strupp on Tuesday that he had in fact tweeted and then deleted a number of racist and sexist tweets about political media figures — though he stopped short of conceding any wrongdoing.

Stone has at various times called The Rev. Al Sharpton a "professional negro"; Lawrence O'Donnell, a "talentless drunk"; Tom Brokaw, "#senile"; Jill Abramson, a "snot-nosed arrogant biased liberal-- and all around bitch"; and Gail Collins, an "elitist c*nt." The full list is too long to reproduce here.

Sometimes it's like Stone's computer was hacked by a pubescent Andrew Dice Clay: "Arianna Huffington has the hots for Herman Cain and wants to do him. #hotgreek #hungamerican"

But no, Stone was behind the tweets all along.

“Some of them were perhaps intemperate, but I, of course, vehemently deny that they were either racist or sexist,” Stone told Strupp, adding that he has "no idea" why Megyn Kelly (who, he tweeted-and-deleted, has a "nice set of cans") won't invite him back on her show.

However, "there are dozens of other media outlets" who have yet to ban him, Stone concluded defiantly.

Read the full report at Media Matters.

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