Stephen Colbert calls out Heidi Cruz: New York values are all wrong, again

"Nobody likes the smell of New York. Even the Statue of Liberty lit a match"

Published April 19, 2016 11:43AM (EDT)

Whilst stumping for husband Ted ahead of the today's New York primary, former-New York City resident Heidi Cruz told Republicans at a fundraising event, "I love the smell of New York."

You don't even have to have lived in New York for any amount of time to know that it smells like a lot of things  none of them good, though. So either Heidi Cruz loves the colliding scents of nacho cheese and urine, or she's lost her mind (the two options not being mutually exclusive).

"I'm sorry, didn't you say you lived here for a while?" Colbert responded to Heidi Cruz's claim. "Nobody likes the smell of New York. Even the Statue of Liberty lit a match."

To test the claim, Colbert sent a camera crew to the streets of Manhattan to asks real New Yorkers to describe the city's unique stench. (Not that you asked, but my favorite: "Like a wet homeless lady touching my face. I'm not even kidding.")

Watch the segment below:

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