Ben Carson tries to convince Trevor Noah he's not insane for backing Trump — and he fails miserably

No matter how he tries to explain it, Ben Carson still can't give a good reason for supporting Trump

Published April 20, 2016 12:03PM (EDT)

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah last night welcomed former-Republican presidential candidate and current Donald Trump surrogate, Dr. Ben Carson.

Noah led with a question about Carson's initial endorsement of Trump, during which he argued that, should it be as terrible as we think, a Trump presidency would be only a minor four-year blip in history. Not quite the ringing endorsement a candidate would want.

"What I actually said is that would be the worst case scenario," Carson responded. "My real point was, if our country turns into something else other than a place where your hard work and your moral compass and your sense of responsibility is the most important thing, if it turns more like one of the other countries in the world, it will no longer be America. And that will be forever. That will be for more than four years."

That was a long way to go to say absolutely nothing.

Asked how his "moral compass," being a Seventh-Day Adventist and such, aligns with an "inflammatory" Donald Trump, Carson proved that for all his success, nothing he's ever done has proved harder than defending The Donald.

"One of the things that you learn to do as a surgeon is make decisions," Carson said. "And you have to be able to prioritize. And what I'm most concerned about is the thing that led me into the race in the first place ... the amount of corruption that goes on in our country."

"I want an outsider. I want someone who's not beholding to this corrupt system," he continued. "Because I believe that's the only chance the next generation has."

Watch the full interview below:

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