Fox & Friends: With New York victory, Trump can now "seize control of credentials committee" and "bodily remove" Cruz supporters from GOP convention

And you thought it was ugly already

Published April 20, 2016 1:04PM (EDT)

Donald Trump   (Reuters/Nick Oxford)
Donald Trump (Reuters/Nick Oxford)

Donald Trump scored a resounding victory in New York last night, winning over 60 percent of the vote, and on Fox & Friends Wednesday, the winking-and-gloating stage of the Republican primary was in full effect.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade spoke to Doug Wead, a former special assistant to George H.W. Bush, about the upcoming convention. According to Wead, Trump has now won enough delegates to "seize control of the credentials committee."

"What does that mean?" Kilmeade asked.

"It means," Wead said, that Trump "can decide whether some of these delegates that [Texas Senator Ted] Cruz won in Arizona, or another primary that was actually won by Donald Trump, can be awarded to Cruz -- or must they be bodily removed from the floor of the convention and replaced by Donald Trump delegates."

"Bodily removed? Can they do that?" former "Apprentice" contestant Omarosa Manigault asked.

"It happened in 2012, to Ron Paul['s delegates]," Wead replied.

Manigault -- who just took an official position in the Trump campaign -- added that "people are saying, 'you're whining and complaining,' but the truth of the matter is that people are shifting, rules have changed, so we have to be very aware, because otherwise they'll steal this away from [Trump]."

Watch the entire conversation below via Fox News.

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