"We need Trump to stop all the PC crap": Right-wing reaction to the Harriet Tubman $20 bill is (another) new low

In the arena of hilariously obtuse reactions to progressive news, #TCOT still reigns supreme

Published April 20, 2016 6:14PM (EDT)

Harriet Tubman   (AP/Library of Congress)
Harriet Tubman (AP/Library of Congress)

Shortly after it was announced that abolitionist icon Harriet Tubman would replace slave-holding former-President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, the search term "Harriet Tubman" was a top trending topic on Twitter.

Rounding up conservative (#TCOT) responses to the news proved a much more difficult task than expected for a couple of reasons. First, the #TCOT live stream is meme-driven, so there's a significant delay between the time news breaks and the time it takes an old man to build a meme in Word 97.

Second, the trending topic stream for Harriet Tubman is disproportionately positive — as it should be. Nonetheless, I ended up scrolling through for as long as my millennial attention span would allow. And I found a couple of gems:

But then I had an epiphany: Fox News would no doubt be reporting the story. The subsequent replies from people who both follow and respond to Fox News's Twitter account provided the perfect curation of #TCOT bigotry:

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