"He f**ked up drinking a glass of water:" Larry Wilmore on Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's failed 30-day challenge

The governor pledged to drink Flint water for 30 days — but his European vacation got in the way

Published April 26, 2016 12:09PM (EDT)

"Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore has been on top of the goings on regarding the Flint, Michigan, water crisis. The latest development: Gov. Rick Snyder, who pledged to drink the water for 30 days straight, recently left on a weeklong vacation to Europe, where he said he will break his streak.

"What? He couldn't take that filthy water through customs?" Wilmore said. "I hope the TSA made him chug it before he went through security."

"So Snyder only made it five days into a 30-day challenge," he continued. "This is how much of an idiot this guy is -- he fucked up drinking a glass of water."

Watch the full segment below:

By Brendan Gauthier

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