It's going to be Hillary and Elizabeth Warren! Seth Meyers mocks the inane media veepstakes

Kasich vetting a running mate, Meyers quips, is "like Vin Diesel practicing his Oscars acceptance speech"

By Brendan Gauthier
Published April 27, 2016 3:57PM (UTC)
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"Late Night" host Seth Meyers last night took a "Closer Look" at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's respective prospects for running mates.

Clinton shrugged off a question on the matter from a CNN reporter over the weekend, saying she's "just working hard to win on" yesterday's Super Tuesday in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.


"In Hillary's defense, it's not like her VP pick is really gonna matter," Meyers said, "because I get the sense she's gonna be doing everything."

It's not just the big two candidates joining in the obnoxiously named "veepstakes," Meyers noted, explaining that John Kasich has begun his vetting process as well.

"John Kasich picking a running mate," Meyers added, "is like Vin Diesel practicing his Oscars acceptance speech."


Watch the full segment below:

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