"My p*ssy should be president next": How porn stars are voting this election

One thing's for sure: For better or worse, Hillary's not getting any love from the adult film industry

Published April 28, 2016 11:00PM (EDT)

 (YouTube/Wood Rocket)
(YouTube/Wood Rocket)

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

AlterNetIt’s been said that the 2016 presidential election is unlike any other in history, not least because a reality TV star has led the Republican field for months now. A whole lot of people are talking about the election, including many who have not been terribly interested in national politics in the past. The election has even sparked discussion in the porn community.

In their series "Ask A Porn Star," comedic porn company Wood Rocket shows some porn stars in a not terribly flattering light by asking who should be the next president of the United States. The all-female panel offers some insight into who is voting for who, and why. Surprisingly (or not), a good percentage of those interviewed are going full-Trumpal.

“He just says it how it is and he gets things done," says Franziska Facella (previously known as Francesca, or Victoria Koblev). 2015 Hustler Honey Kenna James says, “I believe [Donald Trump] is somebody that will actually take charge. I want a businessman instead of a politician in the office. I’ve seen where the politicians have gotten us and it’s not a good place.”

Also in the Trump camp are Gabriella Paltrova, Dava Foxx and Anna Bell Peaks, who attest, “He’s a good businessman.” She says she is still in the dark as to whether or not Trump is “pro-porn.”

Those who are feeling the Bern include Lili Ivy, Draven Star and Veruca James, who chirps, “Bernie Sanders all the way.” Spanish-born star Amarna Miller is also backing Sanders. “Everybody is supporting Bernie Sanders. At least everybody I respect,” the AVN-nominated actress explains.

Sadly (or not) for Hillary, the pornstars seemed largely unimpressed with her campaign.  Lily Ivy told the camera, “I wish I could say I was voting for Hillary because it would be awesome to have a woman president, but....” Dahlia Sky states, “All I can say is I really hope it’s not Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.”

A handful of pornstars can't possibly represent the profession as a whole, but the sample did speak to some noted voter trends that have unfolded over the past few months. As older women continue to rally around Hillary Clinton, younger feminists have gravitated toward Sanders by what Vox calls “an overwhelming margin.” According to Vox, “Voting for a man who offers policies that help people — especially women — is not a rejection of feminism. It's also feminism.”

But perhaps the most progressively feminist porn star interviewed was Ela Darling, who contests, "My pussy should be president next."

It's not an easy task to explain Trump's popularity among the porn stars. Back in December, a Washington Post analysis found that the majority of his backers were white, male, poor and presumably not in the porn business. Though the porn community did collide with Donald Trump when WoodRocket releasedDonald Tramp: The XXX Parody, back in August.

For more on porn stars and politics, check out the video below:

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