Bristol Palin rushes to defense of Curt Schilling, says he was "stating an obvious truth" when he shared anti-trans meme

Palin pointed to Mike Tyson, who "said my mom needed to be raped," as evidence of ESPN's liberal "double standard"

Published April 29, 2016 5:03PM (EDT)

Bristol Palin, Curt Schilling    (Reuters/Fred ProuserAP/Tony Gutierrez)
Bristol Palin, Curt Schilling (Reuters/Fred ProuserAP/Tony Gutierrez)

Bristol Palin  — herself named in part after Bristol, Connecticut, where ESPN is headquartered and where her mother at one time wanted to work — railed against the network in a blog post Friday.

The controversial media presence — who entered and then refused to leave the public consciousness after her maverick mom, Sarah, ran for vice president in 2008 —disapproved of ESPN's firing former pitcher Curt Schilling, who was enjoying a retirement from the majors as a network analyst.

Schilling was fired amid backlash after he shared an anti-trans meme on Facebook:

"Curt is stating an obvious truth," Palin wrote in Schilling's defense. "It’s perfectly fine for ESPN liberals [...] to mouth off about any political topic… as long as they’re only threatening or lying about conservatives."

"I, for one, think it’s hilarious that Curt Schilling’s comments about 'men being men' was the straw that broke the camel’s back over at ESPN," she continued. "I mean, that ESPN host laughing hysterically when Mike Tyson said my mom needed to be raped was just fine."

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