"Divided we're gonna fall": Sarah Palin calls on GOP, "smart Democrats" to unite behind Trump

The maverick former-VP candidate encourages nonpartisan unity in new video message

Published May 4, 2016 2:47PM (EDT)

Sarah Palin   (Jeffrey Malet /maletphoto.com)
Sarah Palin (Jeffrey Malet /maletphoto.com)

So Donald Trump is the Republican party’s presumptive nominee, and unless you want Sarah Palin to think you’re not one of the “smart Democrats,” you better unite behind him.

In a video posted to her Facebook page early Wednesday morning, following Trump’s decisive victory in Indiana, the former-vice presidential candidate told “GOP and independents and smart Democrats” that “it is time to come together, pull together.”

Palin lamented the “precarious [pronounced without the first ‘r’] position” in which America has found itself after seven years under the control of Barack Hussein Obama.

“Our country will stand united; divided, we’re gonna fall,” she continued. “So now — after participating in some really healthy, kinda arduous competition — now more than ever it’s time to … put some differences aside, stand on principle.”

Watch the full video on Palin's Facebook.

By Brendan Gauthier

Brendan Gauthier is a freelance writer.

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