Joe Scarborough: I won't vote for Trump until he repudiates everything he said to win the GOP nomination

The conservative MSNBC host declared unless Trump becomes someone else, he can't in good conscience vote for him

Published May 5, 2016 2:11PM (EDT)

Joe Scarborough                 (NBC News)
Joe Scarborough (NBC News)

On Morning Joe Thursday, host and former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough declared that he wouldn't be voting for Donald Trump in November unless he quickly backs down from essentially all of his public and foreign policy positions.

"I was surprised and disappointed yesterday, [that] he stuck by the Muslim ban," Scarborough said. "That's a loser -- it's a loser with the majority of Americans, and you've got Republicans like me. I just -- I'm not going to vote for him."

He added that "I'm never going to vote for a guy who says they are going to ban somebody because of the god they worship -- and he's got to have to make that turn fast."

"He didn't do it yesterday," a disappointed Scarborough said. "Maybe he does it over the next couple of weeks."

He did, however, hold out hope that the Republican nominee could win over the many, many groups he deliberately and repeatedly offended in order to secure the GOP nomination. "The convention offers him an opportunity — will be the first time a lot of Americans have really looked at Donald Trump the candidate. We see this all the time -- the vice presidential selection offers him an opportunity."

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By Scott Eric Kaufman

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