GOP's draft women gambit backfires: Seth Meyers on the "O. Henry strategy" of Duncan Hunter

"You think women aren't tough enough to serve in combat? That woman lost both her legs and is laughing about it"

Brendan Gauthier
May 6, 2016 3:07PM (UTC)

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers last night took a "Closer Look" at a new House bill that would make require women to register for the draft just the same as men. The bill's author, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., doesn't even support the bill, and said he conceived the bill in order to paint a gruesome picture of war and its effects on families.

Welp, a majority of the Armed Services Committee disagreed and voted to pass the bill along to a floor vote, beginning in June.


"(Hunter) thought that by sarcastically introducing a bill to require them to register for the draft, he would make his point," Meyers said. "But his O. Henry-style strategy backfired."

Meyers informed audiences that women have been serving in combat positions since the Revolutionary War. Case in point: Rep. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., who lost both of her legs in Iraq and in 2014 told a reporter, "I didn't lose my legs in a bar fight."

"You think women aren't tough enough to serve in combat?" Meyers added. "That woman lost both her legs and is laughing about it."

Watch the full segment below:

Brendan Gauthier

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