"House of Cards meets Sharknado": Stephen King's Twitter campaign against Donald Trump is simply amazing

King has been murderslaying Trump on Twitter since the "rabid coyote" descended the Trump Tower escalator in June

Published May 9, 2016 3:41PM (EDT)

Stephen King, Donald Trump   (Reuters/Jim Bourg/AP/Michael Dwyer)
Stephen King, Donald Trump (Reuters/Jim Bourg/AP/Michael Dwyer)

The 2016 primary candidates have drawn unsolicited endorsements from a number of celebrities from lists A through D. Now that the herd's been thinned (especially for the once-17-candidate GOP field) and four candidates (sorry, Kasich; you're welcome, Sanders and Cruz) remain with any chance of surviving until the general, celebs from George Clooney to Charles Barkley on the center-left and -right, respectively, are placing their bets.

Rarer, however, are celebrity un-endorsements -- like the one bestselling horror novelist and screenwriter, Stephen King, gave to Donald Trump last summer, and hasn't stopped giving since:

There comes a time, however, when King goes silent. Given his prolific body of work, he definitely hadn't run out of material; more like he got sick of legitimizing the Trump Train.

Instead, he would intermittently trash Trump's platform — meriting an honorable mention:

Thankfully, the drought lasted only a few months before he had to walk back his hardline stance:

King's War on Christmas present to his followers this year was a cute new nickname for the unmentionable "rabid coyote":

And when "He Who Must Not Be Named" became the presumptive nominee after pummeling Cruz and Kasich (duh) in Indiana:

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