Elizabeth Warren responds to "hormonal" Donald Trump's latest attack with another glorious Twitter takedown: "Your free ride is over"

"Do you think you're going to shut us up," the Massachusetts senator asks Trump: "Think again"

By Sophia Tesfaye
Published May 11, 2016 7:47PM (EDT)

While vowing to do everything in her power to stop Donald Trump from becoming the next president of the United States, Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren warned last week that no matter what the blustery businessman throws her way, "we won't shut up. We won't back down," during one of her now signature Twitter rants against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

The notoriously thin-skinned candidate predictably lashed out at Warren, bestowing the goofy nickname of "goofy Elizabeth Warren" upon the popular progressive, and reanimating a tired attack on her ancestral background during an interview on Fox News Tuesday and also on his preferred vehicle of communication, Twitter, Wednesday:

“Really? That’s the best you could come up with? Come on,” Warren remarked during a recent interview with Mic.com. “I thought Donald Trump said he was a guy who was good with words.”

Responding to Trump's latest attack that she lacked "the guts" to run for president, the go-to Democratic Trump slayer took to Twitter to, again, cut the wannabe bully down to size.

"We get it, Donald Trump," Warren tweeted to her nearly 400,000 followers on Wednesday. "When a woman stands up to you, you’re going to call her a basket case"

Of course, Trump displaying the adroit debating skills of a child, simply doubled down on his gendered attack in a tweet to his 8.1M followers:

Sophia Tesfaye

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