WATCH: Former Fox News contributor Dana Loesch attacks "flat-chested" Trump supporter who had preventative double mastectomy

It's an insult unworthy of a high schooler irrespective of the context, but in this case, the context matters

By Scott Eric Kaufman
May 11, 2016 5:57PM (UTC)
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Dana Loesch (CNN)

On her radio show, former Fox News contributor Dana Loesch attacked a Trump supporter who criticized those who oppose the Republican nominee for being, among other things, "flat-chested."

It's an insult unworthy of a high school sophomore irrespective of the context, but in this case, the context matters -- the Trump supporter in question, Kayleigh McEnany, had a preventative double mastectomy performed after learning that she was genetically predisposed for breast cancer.


Loesch was upset with McEnany for saying that conservatives who don't rally behind Donald Trump are insufficiently conservative -- which is, admittedly, a terrible argument. But the manner in which Loesch went after her leaves much to be desired.

"Who the hell is this chick?" she began by asking.

"Babycakes," Loesch continued, "this [election is] more than going on television and flashing them pearly whites and your flat-chested, red-dressed, over-sprayed bleach blonde hair, while you sit here and you preach all this stuff about who is and isn’t a conservative."


"You like Donald Trump so much," she concluded, "let me act like him." And act like him she did, depositing her foot so firmly down her throat one would think it'd be impossible to extricate. One would, however, be mistaken.

The Daily Caller asked Loesch for a comment, and she obliged. "Anyone who defends a candidate that has mocked a reporter’s disability, POWs, and blasted women as ‘bimbos’ with ‘blood coming out of their wherever’ surely has no problem with my addressing surrogates in a similar fashion," she said, not altogether wrongly.

"I’m sorry for the struggles she had but perhaps being the ‘victim’ of my words can give her an insight into the kind of harm Trump’s words inflicts on others."


It's sad, but telling, that even though Loesch is in the right here, she can't help but communicate it in the worst possible way.

Listen to the entire segment below via Mediaite.

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