WATCH: Chachi unleashed! Scott Baio can't wait for Trump "to knock the hell out of Hillary Clinton"

He specified "verbally," but the metaphor's rather graphic even if it's just a metaphor

Published May 13, 2016 1:56PM (EDT)

Scott Baio on Fox News
Scott Baio on Fox News

On Fox & Friends Friday, the co-hosts welcomed actor Scott Baio to comment on the current state of the Republican party, because why not consult "Chachi" on the future of American democracy?

Baio -- an ardent Trump supporter -- was extremely unhappy with the the lukewarm words House Speaker Paul Ryan issued after meeting with the presumptive Republican nominee Thursday.

"Politicians speak and I don't understand what they say," Baio confessed. "They sound like Charlie Brown's parents. Then I heard Trump speaking, and I understand what he was saying."

"I like the fact that Donald Trump is the kind of guy who's going to go Washington and shake things up," he continued. "He's going to knock the hell out of Hillary Clinton -- verbally, so take it easy, people on Twitter -- and that's what she needs." (Baio's apparently unaware that violent rhetoric is violent even, or perhaps especially, if one insists it isn't.)

After saying that he appreciates that Trump's "not a Republican, but a winner," Baio said that the other reason he's supporting Trump is that "I don't want Hillary Clinton to be president -- I want Donald Trump to be president."

Baio also waxed poetic about a potential third-party run by Mitt Romney -- "it'd be disgusting, disgraceful, he's a big baby."

Watch the entire interview below via Fox News.

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