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Paul Krugman: The state of childcare in America is cruel and shameful — don't let the GOP make it worse

"One candidate has a reasonable, feasible plan to do something about this shame, the other couldn't care less"

Scott Eric Kaufman
May 16, 2016 4:19PM (UTC)

In his Monday New
York Times column
, economist Paul Krugman attacked the Republican Party and its nominal nominee for its unwillingness to address the problem of childcare in America.

"[W]hen someone starts talking about choice," he wrote, "bear in mind that we’re talking about children, who are not in a position to choose whether they’re born into affluent households with plenty of resources or less wealthy families desperately trying to juggle work and child care."


Krugman begged the media to stop talking about "horse-race," or discussing "who won the news cycle," and focus instead on policy and substance:

The state of child care in America is cruel and shameful — and even more shameful because we could make things much better without radical change or huge spending. And one candidate has a reasonable, feasible plan to do something about this shame, while the other couldn’t care less...

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Scott Eric Kaufman

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