David Brooks: Only corporate America can save us from social isolation

The Wonderful Company -- makers of FIJI Water and POM juice -- created their own town, and Brooks loves it

Published May 17, 2016 12:05PM (EDT)

David Brooks   (PBS)
David Brooks (PBS)

In his Tuesday New York Times column, David Brooks argued that America's last hope of being the community-based country Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about 181 years ago could very well the new people Mitt Romney and the Supreme Court declared also live here -- corporations.

After lamenting about the way in which "the rise of TV and the Internet" has created an epidemic of "social isolation," Brooks argued that "we’re beginning to see the rise of intentional community instigators" to combat it.

"If social capital isn’t going to form spontaneously, people and groups will try to jump-start it into existence," he wrote, noting in particular the community in Lost Hills, California:

Lost Hills is the home of a promising experiment. The experiment is being led by Lynda Resnick, who, with her husband, Stewart, owns the Wonderful Company, which includes FIJI Water, POM juice and most of the pistachios and almonds you eat. You should know that I’m friends with Lynda and Stewart and am biased in their direction. But what they are doing is still worth learning from...

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