Megyn Kelly's capitulation to corporate pressure continues: She speaks to female executives who call Trump "tough, but fair"

"Slowly but surely, he started saying more things that surprised me, up to this day," one said

By Scott Eric Kaufman
May 17, 2016 4:27PM (UTC)
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On The Kelly File Monday evening, host Megyn Kelly continued her sad spiral into corporate shilldom by discussing Trump's professionalism with two executives who worked with and under him.

However, she was in for an initial surprise, as one of the guests, Barbara Res -- a woman who Trump hired to run his construction business in 1980 -- informed her that while Trump didn't say anything sexist when they first began working together, "slowly but surely, he started saying more things that surprised me, up to this day."


Although Res acknowledged that, because it was 1980, "everyone was sexist," she specified comments Trump made about a female architect's body and, more disturbingly, remarks about her own figure after she put on weight.

Senada Adzem, however, stuck to the script and lauded Trump's professionalism, saying that all the real estate magnate cared about was results. "He was very tough -- but he was always fair," she said. According to her, in "Trump's world" there are "expectations" about how people should look, but she claimed that applied to both men and women.

Adzem would not, however, reveal whether she would be voting Trump in November.


Watch the entire clip below via Fox News.

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