"She looks like a f**king third-rate hooker": Audio of Trump slamming a model as too unattractive to date resurfaces

In 2004, Trump went out of his way to deny dating the woman: "Based on that picture I would never take her out"

By Sophia Tesfaye

Published May 18, 2016 1:28PM (EDT)

Donald Trump   (AP/Matt Rourke)
Donald Trump (AP/Matt Rourke)

The Daily Beast has republished a 12-year-old recording of Donald Trump describing a woman who claimed to have briefly dated him as a "third-rate hooker" who was not physically attractive enough to date.

In 2004, a former Playboy Playmate and Penthouse Pet named Victoria Zdrok gave an interview to the now-defunct Stepping Out magazine, during which she mentioned her brief encounter with Trump, now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee:

In the interview, Zdrok claimed Trump had called Playboy to get a date with her, and they “ended up going out four times.” She said she had gotten a call from Playboy Promotions saying Trump was “looking for a new girl for his ad campaign for one of his casinos in Atlantic City… It turns out he was never actually looking for a model. He was just trying to pick me up."


"First of all, he’s really arrogant. He’s really into himself! On a date all he does is talk about himself. He loves himself! The first thing he says to me on our date is that he’s taller and better looking than what he looks like in pictures, and that people don’t realize it. He said, ‘People don’t realize how handsome I am!’ He actually loves himself! I never met a more narcissistic person than Donald. You feel just like a piece of jewelry when you’re with him. For him it’s all about looks, appearances, and signing autographs. He just loves it."

Zdrok told the magazine's publisher, Chaunce Hayden, that Trump “just loves to talk about which women are in love with him and always calling him. He loves to talk about how women are chasing him all the time, which doesn’t make a girl feel special on a date. The other thing he talks about is what a great lover he is. He said to me, ‘Once you made love to me, you’ll never be able to make love to anybody else.’”

Zdrok, who told Hayden she had not slept with Trump, saying she did not want to be “another notch on his belt," claimed to only go on four dates with Trump before ghosting the braggadocious businessman.

Apparently enraged that the Ukrainian born model would dare claim to have dated him, Trump reached out to Hayden to prevent him from publishing the interview.

"She looks like a fucking third-rate hooker. Gimme a break. I never took her out," Trump can be heard saying in the audio reportedly from 2004, referring to Zdrok. Trump said claims like Zdrok’s were “just so fucking false I don’t like them to get away with this crap.”

"She’s full of shit. Chaunce, look, I have good taste in women. Take a look at her picture. It’s all bullshit. I never took her out. I never took her out, and based on that picture I would never take her out. She’s not even attractive, she’s not a good-looking girl… Who the hell wants a Penthouse Pet? Penthouse is gone, it’s bankrupt, it’s over.”

Listen to the audio below, via Mediaite:

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